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Aunt B's Minis
My Dolls And Original Knit And Crochet Patterns.
All my work is done in 1-12 scale.
I hope you enjoy your visit :o)


This is my first doll remake.
Actually I remade her twice. I wanted a more contemporary look, so, gave her boobs and a back end and different hair and altered the clothing. I sure hope I get better at

Doll#2 is "Granny". I think I did a little better, but, still need a LOT of help.

My Sculpted Dolls
I have just recently taken up sculpting so don't expect too

Knit and Crochet Patterns

All of my patterns on this site are free :o)
I just started making patterns for miniatures, but, have been knitting and crocheting for MANY years :o)

Basic Knit Cardigan Sweater

Knit Red Party Dress

Crochet Southern Bell

Doggie Sweaters
Baby Items